Why ‘Climate Change’ Will Not Be on Our 2015 Editorial Agenda

It requires either profound myopia or incredible arrogance to pretend that any policy adopted by Oregon lawmakers will have a meaningful effect on the earth’s temperature. Governor Kitzhaber’s outlook speaks volumes about his values: Environmental symbolism too often trumps real jobs and real income.

2014 – The Year In Energy

Coal continued to be the fastest growing energy source in the world. China has passed the U.S. in electricity generation. China built almost 600 coal-fired power plants in only 18 years beginning in 1992. China is steadily firing up new nuclear reactors and will begin construction of a new nuclear reactor every three weeks on average for the next few decades.

Inslee Cap-and-Trade Plan Could Hit 130 Enterprises, Including 5 Refineries

Early indications are that a number of companies that are household names — including Boeing’s Everett airplane plant, BP’s refinery in Whatcom County, and several of Puget Sound Energy’s power plants around the state — could be covered under the proposal that would in effect tax emitters of more than 25,000 metric tons of carbon

Carbon Revenue For Schools, Roads Ups Ante In Looming Budget Fight

Holding his finger to the political winds, Gov. Jay Inslee, it seems, has determined Washington state voters have little appetite for an increase in the gas tax to fund transportation, and yet the state has billions of dollars in unfunded projects to ease traffic congestion, fix bridges, and a host of other needs.

From Carbon To Kids: Inslee Wants Climate Policy To Fund Schools

Gov. Jay Inslee will unveil his vision for Washington state over four days this week as he prepares to roll out his budget proposal for the 2015-17 biennium, which officially kicks off Monday night with coordinated town halls in Bellevue, Tacoma, Moses Lake and Spokane devoted to education policy and spending.

Inslee Budget To Push For $1B Tax Increase To Close Education Funding Gap

While the final details on Gov. Jay Inslee’s budget proposal, the traditional starting gun for political wrangling over state spending in the legislative session, are still to be worked out before it’s unveiled next week, Office of Financial Management Director David Schumacher provided journalists in the Capitol press corps a preview Tuesday.

Lawmakers Talk Nuclear Energy, And Washington’s Clean Energy Future

Given the current political climate surrounding energy production in Washington state, perhaps it wasn’t surprising a nuclear energy task force consisting of Democratic and Republican lawmakers failed to make recommendations when it met for the final time in 2014 on Wednesday.