Governor’s Climate Change Workgroup Selects National and International Programs To Be Studied

On July 17th Governor Jay Inslee chaired another meeting of the Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup, a committee created by legislation in the 2013 Regular Legislative Session to recommend state actions that will insure greenhouse gas reductions adopted in 2008 are met. The Workgroup moved to the main subject of the meeting, the review of the draft list of greenhouse gas programs outside of WA proposed for detailed evaluation.

“Shall We Begin”

With these words Governor Jay Inslee opened the first meeting of the Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup, a new committee created by SB 5802 — gubernatorial request legislation that passed the Legislature in March. The Governor quoted from the legislation, “The purpose of the work group is to recommend a state program of actions and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, that if implemented would ensure achievement of the state’s emissions targets.”

A Sneak Peek of the Campaign to Come – Genetically Modified Food Initiative Gets a Hearing on the Way to the Ballot

I-522 Won’t be Passed by Legislature, Senate Ag Chairman Says – Means Washington Poised for Repeat of Unsuccessful California Campaign

Looks like it’s California all over again as Washington becomes the next battleground in a national environmental crusade to force labeling of foods made with genetically modified crops. After the Golden State narrowly rejected a labeling initiative last year, a near-identical measure has qualified for the Washington ballot. And following a courtesy hearing in the Senate that offered a preview of the campaign to come, the Ag chairman says there won’t be a vote in the Legislature on I-522 — making the public vote inevitable.

Food Processors Announce Opposition to I-522, Genetically Modified Crop Initiative

Consider this another sign that the debate over Initiative 522 is going to get awfully heated, awfully fast. The Northwest Food Processors Association has delivered its opening salvo against the measure, which would require the labeling of seed and food with genetically modified DNA. It was a biggie in California last year, and it’s probably coming to a ballot near you.

“What’s at Stake is the Fabric of Civilization”

With these words Congressman-Elect Denny Heck urged his supporters in Thurston County on Tuesday night to educate and activate everyone on the need to address climate change. Although generally pessimistic that the issue will be addressed in the new 113th Congress, he was optimistic that the “fiscal cliff” budget standoff will be resolved in a reasonable manner.

Governor Releases Ocean Acidification Report

On Tuesday the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification released its final Report, “Ocean Acidification: From Knowledge to Action, Washington State’s Strategic Response,” along with recommendations.

Tri-Cities Chamber Leads Effort To Stop Unnecessary Electricity Rate Increases

On September 27, Lori Mattson, President of the Tri-City Regional Chamber, kicked off the formation of a new coalition, Citizens for P.O.W.E.R. The coalition of regional businesses, governments, and individuals has been formed to stop unnecessary utility rate increases that are the result of unintended consequences in the state Energy Independence Act.