Inslee Promotes Electric Cars to Tackle Pollution

Gov. Jay Inslee wants to extend a sales tax break for electric vehicles and explore giving them access to car pool lanes. If the break is extended, it would mean a nearly $13 million hit in tax revenues in fiscal year 2016, and $17 million in 2017, according to most recent estimates by the Department of Revenue.

Cap and Trade to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Washington Is So 1990s

The key distinction when considering a cap and trade system for Washington State is that Washington doesn’t get its energy from coal fired power plants. Thus Washington doesn’t have the low-hanging fruit that cap and trade has been exploiting in Europe and the Northeastern states.

Senate Republicans Sound Off On Potential Climate Policies

A hearing Thursday before the Senate Transportation Committee offered Republicans a chance to sound off on Gov. Jay Inslee’s potential carbon policy proposals, and Chairman Curtis King of Yakima didn’t leave the opportunity to waste. King criticized a report earlier this week from an Inslee-appointed task force that examined a cap-and-trade or a carbon tax […]

Carbon Washington Calls For 2016 Carbon Tax Intiative

In a long and thoughtful, yet strategic email to members and others, Yoram Bauman of Carbon Washington lays out the justification and strategy for a carbon tax initiative to the 2016 legislature. Fairly self explanatory, the email discusses a plan to place a tax on Washington citizens. The intention seems to give the legislature a […]

The Week Ahead in Climate Policy

This week figures to offer significant development on Gov. Jay Inslee’s climate change proposals — as well as Senate Republicans’ response.

Governor’s Office Unveils Potential Toxics Reduction Bill

Gov. Jay Inslee’s administration has unveiled a draft outline of legislation this week that could bring regulating toxic chemicals in Washington state under the umbrella of the Department of Ecology — away from the Legislature’s purview — and could spell far-reaching implications for manufacturers and industries.

Undaunted Inslee: Election Losses Won’t Derail Climate Agenda

If Tuesday’s election losses for the Democratic Party in Washington state were a setback for Gov. Jay Inslee’s first-term environmental agenda, he wasn’t letting on during his first public post-election remarks at a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

Legislators Examine Proposed EPA State Carbon Emission Targets, With Washington Ranked Highest in U.S.

While federal courts hash out whether the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to regulate carbon emissions under a seldom-used section of the Clean Air Act, Washington state is left with a regulatory conundrum of its own – how to move forward with implementing the EPA rule despite the legal challenges, and how to […]