Vying for Governor, Bill Bryant Seeks to Expand His Brand

As a Port of Seattle commissioner, Bryant is well known in Westside business and industrial circles, and better known in Eastern Washington’s agricultural world. It’s everyone else that needs an introduction, he says, if he’s to convince them he’s their choice in the 2016 gubernatorial election.

Inslee Dismisses Talk of Trouble in His First Term

Stung by assertions from some quarters that Republicans “won” the 2015 legislative session, Gov. Jay Inslee dismissed Monday any notion his administration is on the ropes, saying he “wrestled Republicans to the ground.” Inslee said that a couple high-profile defeats — as well as a recent Elway poll that found just 30 percent of voters saying they would “definitely” vote for him in 2016 — contributed to the perception that his administration was foundering.

Bernie Sanders Shut Down, Then Addresses Big Crowd

Speaking Saturday night before an estimated 12,000 people at the University of Washington’s basketball arena, the Vermont senator addressed some of the issues behind the afternoon confrontation. The candidate drew an even bigger crowd Sunday night in Portland, Oregon, speaking at the home of the NBA’s Trail Blazers to an estimated 19,000 people inside, with thousands more listening on loudspeakers outside.

The Unfortunate Evolution of the Voting Rights Act

What began as a shield to protect minority voters from racist officials has become a sword to further the electoral prospects of Democrats and Republicans through racial, partisan gerrymandering. Why did this happen? There are many reasons, but three have been instrumental.

Post-Election Hangover for Most Seattle Council Candidates

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. In Tuesday’s primary election, the top two fundraisers in each Seattle City Council race advanced to the general election, with just two exceptions — Jon Grant and Michael Maddux. The candidates who campaigned as neighborhood representatives did poorly.

The Demographics That May Determine Seattle City Council Primaries

Seattle’s 2015 city council elections may be different. With the adoption of the hybrid district/at large system in 2013, seven of nine council seats will be decided by only one-seventh of the city’s population. Furthermore, with as many as nine candidates running in some districts, the votes are heavily divided. Suddenly, a few thousand votes could feasibly get a candidate to the General Election in the fall.

Is Initiative 1366 a Constitutional Amendment?

The Office of Financial Management’s fiscal impact statement for I-1366 also makes it clear the Legislature is provided a choice: “The initiative presents the Legislature with a choice that leads to two possible and mutually exclusive scenarios.”

Independent Money Pours into Seattle City Council Races

Though the primary election is Tuesday and the general election is still months away, independent spending on the races has surpassed $275,000. That’s double the outside money spent on primary- and general- election council races in 2009, when independent-expenditure committees chipped in $134,495.