Election Allegations Du Jour: Oct. 30

With Democrats and Republicans swapping claims that each side is resorting to dirty tricks as the days tick down to Nov. 4, allegations are flying through some of the most hotly contested Senate districts. Here’s a roundup of some of the major developments on Thursday:

Critics of Class-Size Initiative Say it’s Like Voting for ‘Puppies and Apple Pie’

As is often the case, some of the most heated debates in this year’s election cycle seem to be centered on classrooms and education reform. Chief among them is Initiative 1351, a call for reduced class sizes that if passed, would add 25,561 new teachers and non-teaching support staff to the public school system’s payroll.

Senate Republicans Call for Formal Investigations into Mailers Targeting Sen. Sheldon

Election mailers from a national Democratic group targeting Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Potlatch, drew a stern rebuke from the state Republican Party on Tuesday, with party leaders charging that the mailers were illegally issued because the group hasn’t filed as a political committee, and hasn’t divulged who’s funding them.

Mailers Prompt Outcry in 35th District Senate Race

Republicans are crying foul over a trio of independently funded campaign mailers that have hit mailboxes in the 35th District painting Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Potlatch, as having decidedly liberal positions on federal health care and immigration reform.

Coalition Caucus Boosted Sen. Ericksen’s Profile in the Legislature

Sen. Doug Ericksen’s legislative career was at a crossroads two years ago following the 2012 election cycle. Ericksen, a Republican from Ferndale, was midway through his first term in the Senate after serving since 1998 in the House.

Sharon Nelson: A Local Fight Leads to Top Senate Caucus Post

Every lawmaker has a story to tell about his or her political awakening – of the cause that needed championing, of an issue stuck too long on the Legislature’s backburner,  or a system failing those it was set up to serve. It’s an oft-cited element of stump speeches, and a vital crutch in a business […]

Four State Supreme Court Justices Face Little Competition in Races

Four state Supreme Court justices are asking voters to return them to the bench on the November ballot, but two have no opponents and the other two face nominal opposition. The nonpartisan court races are mostly noteworthy because they have not generated the spirited campaigns and fundraising seen over the past several years.

Democrats’ Senate Hopes Ride on a Former Bellingham Council Member

Three to seven of the Senate’s 49 seats could be realistically considered in play in November, with the 42nd being less tight than some of the other six. On paper, Democrats believe, Fleetwood of Bellingham has a good chance of upsetting Ericksen, R-Ferndale. But right now, the odds favor Ericksen.