Finally A Primary. Why Vote?

Primary election Day, Sort of It’s a great day for Washington citizens. They get to have a primary. A presidential primary. It’s not Iowa, or New Hampshire or New York, but not just because it’s late in the spring. Don’t look for CNN or Fox News satellite dish feeds popping up at the Secretary of

McMorris Rodgers Hesitant on Trump; Senate Challenger Vance Says No Way

U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers hesitancy to endorse Trump echoed comments of House Speaker Paul Ryan in a televised interview Thursday, hours after challengers Cruz and Kasich dropped from the field. Chris Vance, a likely Republican challenger to Democratic Sen. Patty Murray added, “Donald Trump is not the answer.”

Two Big Labor Unions Share Efforts to Gain Power and Scale

The leaders of two of the nation’s biggest, most powerful labor unions — the Service Employees International Union and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees — are completing a plan that calls for unusually close cooperation in political campaigning, organizing and bargaining in states and cities across the United States. The resolution — which was adopted by the Service Employees International Union board on Thursday and was expected to be considered by the American Federation board in June — also would need to be ratified at conventions the unions have scheduled for this year.

A Primer on the Washington State Primary Ballot

Primary ballots will be mailed this week to Washington’s 4 million registered voters. The deadline to return your ballot is May 24. The only catch is your vote will be disregarded by the state Democratic Party.

A Guide to Washington’s Delegates: Your “Democracy” Explained

The Republicans will select their delegates May 18–21 at its state convention in Pasco without any idea whom the state Republican primary voters will support on May 24. Democrats have already had their precinct caucuses, which will result in a large contingent of pro-Bernie Sanders delegates being sent to the Democratic National Convention.

State Poll: Clinton, Sanders Both Lead GOP Field

Pollsters also asked the voters surveyed whether they plan to vote in the State May 24 presidential primary. The Washington Democratic Party will pay no attention, not a bit, to the results of the primary because it is selecting its pledged delegates through the caucus/convention system. The Republican Party will however because the vote for a nominee of the state’s delegates at the GOP national convention will be cast based on the primary vote.