Legislature Should Enact Voting Rights Act

State Rep. Luis Moscoso, a sponsor of the proposed Washington Voting Rights Act, said the bill encourages local governments to work with those bringing complaints. If an agreement cannot be reached voluntarily, the matter goes to superior court.

Port Commissioner Bill Bryant Mulling Run for Governor in 2016

Editor’s Note: Seattle Port Commissioner Bill Bryant says he is “strongly considering” a run for governor in 2016. The Wire plans to periodically profile potential candidates for statewide and legislative offices as they get closer to making a decision. Bryant sat down for an interview Thursday afternoon in Olympia.

Blue Billionaires on Top

Democrats spent much of the 2014 campaign castigating Republican big money, but, it turns out, their side actually finished ahead among the biggest donors of 2014. Of course, that edge doesn’t take into account contributions to deep-pocketed non-profit groups that don’t disclose their donors.

Lawsuit Filed Against New Gun Background-Check Law

Opponents of a new expanded gun background-check measure in Washington state filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday, asking a federal judge to block parts of the law that involve transfers of firearms. The goal of the lawsuit is not to stop background checks, but to change the language surrounding the transfers.

How Public Sector Unions Divide the Democrats

There’s the rub. Insofar as public unions secure for their members better pay, more generous benefits, and work rules shielding them from management discretion government doesn’t perform as well—and, consequently, neither do Democrats.