Inslee Rolls Out Capital Gains Tax, $5B Increase in State Spending

In describing the prospect of taxing carbon emissions last week, Gov. Jay Inslee said it offers Washington state “a two-fer, maybe even a three-fer” because it would generate money for education, transportation and cut carbon pollution statewide. That also serves as an apt descriptor of the tax policy proposals he finally made public along with […]

Inslee Unveils Cap-and-Trade Program, Message to Lawmakers: Make Polluters Pay

Gov. Jay Inslee released his long-anticipated carbon-emissions reduction program Wednesday, and it offered no surprise: a cap-and-trade program that would bring in $1 billion annually for schools and transportation projects, as well as tax credits for low-income families.

Carbon Revenue For Schools, Roads Ups Ante In Looming Budget Fight

Holding his finger to the political winds, Gov. Jay Inslee, it seems, has determined Washington state voters have little appetite for an increase in the gas tax to fund transportation, and yet the state has billions of dollars in unfunded projects to ease traffic congestion, fix bridges, and a host of other needs.

Inslee Plans To Add $2.3B To Education Budget, Won’t Fund Majority Of Class-Size Initative

Gov. Jay Inslee has proposed $2.35 billion in new education spending and hiring 7,000 new teachers for the upcoming budget cycle, which would bring Washington state a year ahead of schedule in meeting the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision but would leave the majority of a voter-approved class-size initiative unfunded.

Analysis: Budget Week, Budget Speak- A Modest Glossary Of Key Fiscal Terms

McCleary-n. Name of a small town west of Olympia known for its “Bear Festival”.

This week, so we are told, the Governor will expose his budget to public scrutiny, of which there should be plenty. The far left will, as always, cry that there is not enough money for all sorts of questionable social programs. The moderates will be thankful that the basic safety net funding is almost adequate. […]

From Carbon To Kids: Inslee Wants Climate Policy To Fund Schools

Gov. Jay Inslee will unveil his vision for Washington state over four days this week as he prepares to roll out his budget proposal for the 2015-17 biennium, which officially kicks off Monday night with coordinated town halls in Bellevue, Tacoma, Moses Lake and Spokane devoted to education policy and spending.

Inslee Budget To Push For $1B Tax Increase To Close Education Funding Gap

While the final details on Gov. Jay Inslee’s budget proposal, the traditional starting gun for political wrangling over state spending in the legislative session, are still to be worked out before it’s unveiled next week, Office of Financial Management Director David Schumacher provided journalists in the Capitol press corps a preview Tuesday.

About That Audit: Business, Tax Collectors Talk Ideas For Resolving Appeals Issues

The Association of Washington Business (AWB) has had concerns about the Department of Revenue’s (DOR’s) internal appeal system for years, including basic questions of transparency, said Amber Carter, director of governmental affairs for tax and fiscal policy at the AWB.

Q&A With Gil Brewer, Senior Director of Tax Policy For DOR

Gil Brewer is senior director of tax policy at the Department of Revenue (DOR). He provided an interview to the Washington State Wire for a story about criticisms that the agency’s appeals division was “rubber stamping” decisions against the taxpayer. Brewer explains that the internal – and low-cost – appeals process is not designed to […]

Q&A With David Dressel, Former DOR Administrative Law Judge

Dave Dressel worked as an administrative law judge at the Department of Revenue (DOR) for 27 years before retiring in 2012. On his last day he sent an email criticizing the agency for stacking the odds against the taxpayer and calling the system an “affront to due process.” The Washington State Wire had an opportunity […]