State to Release Earlier Revenue Report to Speed Up Budget Deal

In an agreement between Democrats and Republicans, a new quarterly revenue forecast will now be released on Monday, rather than a month later in June. But some lawmakers weren’t optimistic Thursday that the expedited revenue forecast would produce good enough news to break a budget impasse between Senate Republicans and House Democrats.

Democrats Revise Their Capital Gains Tax Idea

The House Finance Committee held a hearing Wednesday on a revision of a dormant capital gains tax bill introduced three months ago by Rep. Laurie Jinkins, D-Tacoma. Single people making less than $25,000 a year in capital gains revenue and a couple making less than $50,000 annually from capital gains profits would be exempt.

Millions in Payouts Fail to Improve Care for Vulnerable Adults

A record-setting $17.8 million verdict against the state of Washington 15 years ago was expected to produce big changes in the system that cares for developmentally disabled adults. But in the decade-and-a-half since, DSHS has paid more than $30 million in new jury verdicts and settlement agreements. Each of the lawsuits exposed problems in how DSHS cares for vulnerable adults, yet the KING 5 Investigators found few improvements have been made.

Progress in Focus: To Create Better Jobs, Invest in Workers

Additional resources are necessary. That’s why it’s vital that lawmakers adopt new source of revenue through a capital gains tax and by closing tax breaks, as the House budget proposes. Without such investments, we are likely to continue to see an increasing trend toward low-wage work.

Special Session Update: Budget Briefings, Cap-and-Trade Proposal Forthcoming

Democrats say there will be an announcement on Monday of a “new approach” to Gov. Jay Inslee‘s proposed cap-and-trade plan, followed by hearings on the plan later in the week. Meanwhile, budget writers met this week for two days of budget “briefings,” but have yet to resolve more than 1,000 differences between the budgets passed by the Democrat-controlled House and the Republican majority Senate, according to Democratic legislative leaders.

Inslee Sees Little Budget Progress, Still Hopes for Carbon Tax

“There’s been very minimal steps by both sides,” said Gov. Jay Inslee on Wednesday. The 30-day special legislative session to resolve a long list of budget disputes began on April 29. If the budget disputes are not resolved by June 30, the state government faces a partial shutdown.