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Jim Boldt, Publisher and Executive Editor Emeritus

Jim Boldt’s career in state politics spans four decades, eight governors, and thirty-nine legislative sessions (there was no session in 1978). He claims if it has happened he’s seen it, if you can do it, he’s done it. A WSU graduate, where he lobbied for the students as Student Body Vice-President, Boldt has served as a Congressional aide, Federal level lobbyist, two-term State Legislator (D-8th, Kennewick), state-wide association director, twice-elected public school board member, elected fire district commissioner, and forming and managing partner of a long-time prominent Olympia contract lobbying firm. In 2003, Jim “retired” from lobbying and shortly after worked with others to form Washington State Wire, where he has served as Publisher and Executive Editor, and later, Senior Editor. Boldt will continue to contribute occasional news content and contributions to the CannabisWire column.

Jim has written a poetry anthology, two novels with state capital themes, and is working on his third. In addition to his work with the Wire, Jim is President of Duckabush Communications Inc. a public affairs and political strategy consulting firm that allows him to claim he is semi-retired.

If asked Jim Boldt will admit he is “addicted to politics and has no interest in a twelve-step program.”

Favorite political quote? He has two: “The STAND a person takes on an issue is often determined by where they SIT for dinner.” And of course, “…I don’t belong to an organized political party, I’m a Democrat.”

You can reach Jim at duckabushcommunications@gmail.com.



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